Our History

Abatement Professionals has been a leader in the asbestos and lead abatement and indoor air quality industry in Maine since 1981. The cornerstone of our company’s philosophy is the concept that an informed consumer is an important partner in the successful management of any environmental remediation project.

Abatement Professionals is a family-owned construction and environmental business going back six generations to 1909. We have completed over 40,000 projects, giving us the experience and craftsmanship to deal with the details and difficulties inherent in environmental remediation efforts. Our fully insured, bondable license certified, and professional staff at Abatement Professionals is committed to providing creative engineering, design and operational solutions that work to meet our client’s asbestos and lead abatement and indoor air quality needs.

Abatement Professionals Corporation is a fully licensed Asbestos and Lead Abatement Contractor in Maine and New Hampshire since 1981, in accordance with Maine & New Hampshire State Regulations, working in conjunction with local and state government agencies to include: The Maine Environmental Protection Agency, The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Protection, OSHA, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Maine DOT and HUD.  To our knowledge Abatement Professionals is the only Abatement Contractor in the state of Maine that carries E & O (Errors and Omissions) Insurance as part of our standard Insurance package.  Estimates are conducted at no cost by one of our courteous, professionally trained and licensed senior staff members.  Our goal is to provide our clients with safe, comprehensive and cost effective abatement solutions to all their abatement needs.

Asbestos abatement work is performed consistently for schools, in both the public and private sectors thus requiring that services be conducted during a time period, which requires the area(s) to be abated are unoccupied.  As a result most work is completed during school vacations (summer recess, winter and spring breaks).  The demand for work to be done during these limited windows of time requires Abatement Professionals to substantially increase their work force during the summer months and reduce it again in the fall.  Due to this trend employee numbers have ranged from a base level of 30 field staff and peaking at 107.  While significant schoolwork still remains, the industry is maturing and as that occurs, seasonability will diminish reflecting a more balanced mix of work.

Since expanding the scope of services beyond plastering work, the company has maintained its aggressive commitment to staff development by providing ongoing training and education for all employees to include:  principal owner, senior staff and seasonal employees.  This is reflected in our senior leadership and experience in the abatement industry.  Abatement Professionals Corporation being a pioneer in the industry is the first licensed asbestos contractor in the state of Maine and one of the earliest contractors to be licensed in New England.  The company’s vast knowledge of asbestos and lead work is recognized to the extent that often times key Abatement Professionals Staff are called upon to facilitate training programs for other asbestos and lead contractors in Maine.  It is safe to say Abatement Professionals leads by example and our credibility and continued success are indicative of our mission:  “An informed consumer is an important partner in the successful management of any environmental remediation project”.

In addition to being the sole proprietor of Abatement Professionals Corporation founded in 1981, Robert W. Rickett, Jr. is one of the founders of the Northern Environmental Professionals Association (NEPA), an organization promoting education and information about indoor air quality and the management of clean air technology as it involves issues such as:  asbestos, lead, mold/mildew and tobacco smoke.  Robert W. Rickett, Jr., now retired as treasurer, held office for the last six years.

The cost of both required and advanced training has been, and will continue to be, substantial for the company’s continued growth and success as a leader in the abatement industry, which makes a strong statement about Abatement Professionals commitment to maintaining their status as a resource and leader in the treatment and handling of certain hazardous products.  The company strongly believes that this investment will continue to set Abatement Professionals apart from its competitors as the most knowledgeable and responsible lead and asbestos contractor in the state of Maine.

For responsible property owners who have or will encounter lead and/or asbestos issues, Abatement Professionals Corporation strongly suggests enlisting the services of a highly competent abatement professional as the only protection from an enormous potential liability issue resulting from the existence and handling of these hazardous substances.

The clean air/clean technology and the air monitoring ability developed for use in asbestos and lead abatement now has applications available in other areas, which will continue to provide opportunities for continued growth for the company.  Utilizing existing equipment and skills, Abatement Professionals has performed quality improvement work in conjunction with mold and mildew problems as well as other “contaminants” that have impacted asthmatics in addition to those immunocompromised individuals to include:  those who suffer from severe allergies.  To date, the company has not made a concentrated effort to promote this work; however it is perceived to be a growing field where Abatement Professionals Corporation can identify future opportunities.