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Abatement Professionals works with schools and home owners where deteriorating and peeling lead paint impose the greatest risk of being ingested by children. Lead exposure is also a major concert in homes and buildings built before 1978 where renovation or demolition projects can create contaminated dust reaching workers lungs and spread home on their cloths.

We want your children’s living spaces and construction work areas to be “lead safe”. We can help by providing lead paint checks, chip and air sampling, lead training courses, and full lead abatement of even the biggest demolition projects.

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Over 30 years of experience

We have been doing lead abatement for more than 30 years. Since the late 1970’s when many regulations on handling and removing lead were introduced, we have been working with businesses and families to help remove lead from environments safely and legally. While lead paint possesses the greatest risk when ingested by children, lead pain disturbed during renovation or demolition creates contaminated dust, getting into the lungs or works and coming home on their clothes and permeate their homes.


Where is lead paint commonly found?

Historically used extensively in paints for all applications, lead paint possesses the greatest rish in those areas where the paint can be ingested by children. Almost by definition, this is in the living areas of residential dwellings and in public buildings like schools frequented by children. Even within these areas, concern is generally limited to surfaces where the paint is deteriorated and peeling so that flakes could be ingested or on places where a child might actually chew the paint (mountable surface).


I’ve been extremely pleased with the service you provide.  Your estimates are in detail so the home owner knows what they are getting for what up front.  I appreciate that more than you know.  I thought this was a thing of the past given my experience over the last year with many contractors.  Your workers are polite and pleasant and helpful.  They leave the worksite clean when done.  Thank you again.

Heesh Hutto57 Columbia Avenue, Portland ME

Your company has handled 3 or 4 asbestos removal jobs for either buyer or sellers you have worked with.  I have always been confident in recommending your company and satisfied with your service.

Kathy McCallum83 High Street, Biddeford ME