Mold Remediation

When is mold dangerous?

Mold is fungi with many thousands of species found in indoor and outdoor environments. Mold needs moisture to grow and is common in bathrooms and attics. Smaller affected areas can be can be remedied with simple steps, such as sunlight, ventilation, household cleaners, and dehumidifiers.

Mold can quickly grow to unsafe levels when there is an water or moisture issue such as in damp basement, leaking roof or plumbing, or flood damage. And in many cases large mold infected areas such as crawlspaces or boards behind insulation or wallpaper are hidden. Only indicated by smell or reports of health problems such as respiratory and cough-like symptoms.

Mold Remediation & Removal

Severe mold infestations need to be treated properly to prevent disturbed mold from releasing toxic spores into the air.

Abatement Professionals treats mold infestations with the same safety first methods of removal as any environmental hazard. Affected areas are enclosed and decontamination rooms are constructed to prevent spreading and cross-contamination.

Mold is removed by a number of methods including “green” blasting to protect plumbing and wiring and HEPA-Vacuums.


The best way to control mold is to control the moisture; since moisture fuels mold growth. Once mold is removed, Abatement Professionals is here to complete the project with insulation and ventilation solutions.

If you suspect mold or water damage in your home or building Abatement Professionals has to tools and experience to track down infestations including Indoor Air Quality testing to identify any issues.